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Discover the smith’s secret in the Silver Forge. Ask the smith any of your burning questions. Watch closely how the smith creates something beautiful from gold and silver. Each smith has his or her own style. Their work is for sale. You can also ask the smith to make something special to your wishes.

Opening hours

You can visit the Silver Forge during regular opening hours (Tuesday – Sunday, 11 Am – 5 PM). The number of smiths at work can be different every day. The Silver Forge is part of the museum. To visit the Silver Forge, you need an entrance ticket. In the Silver Forge, you can buy unique and handmade objects directly from the smith.

Nice to know

Background of the Silver Forge

The Silver Forge was established by foundation Silver in Motion, College of Silversmithing Schoonhoven, Schoonhoven and the Dutch Silver Museum. The Silver Forge gives silver smiths who have recently graduated the opportunity to develop themselves as entrepreneurs. But nowadays, you will not only see young smiths at work. Smiths who have been experts in their trade for years also work in the Silver Forge regularly. The visitors discover what it means to be a silversmith or a goldsmith. You smell, hear and see silver as soon as you step into the Silver Forge. Every day, smiths are creating something beautiful in the Silver Forge. 

Are you studying to become a smith? Have you just graduated? Or are you looking for a place to work from for one or two days per week? Please contact us via 

Silver smiths

Our Silver smiths

From architect to goldsmith

Eleonore Meirer

Master of filigrain

Cor Kuijf

DSC_0242 2
Symbolic shapes

Zwanette Mariken

Organic and creative

Lien van der Meulen

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