House rules

Welcome to the Dutch Silver Museum in Schoonhoven.


House rules

Our goal is to make sure everyone is as comfortable during their visit as possible. But we also want to make sure our objects and collection is safe. That is the reason why we have some regulations.

To protect the collection, bags or a carrier to carry a child on your back are not allowed inside the museum. We ask you to leave umbrellas, packages, bags (larger than 42 x 30 cm) in the wardrobe downstairs. Suitcases, folding bikes or other types of luggage are not allowed into the museum.

You can leave your bagage in one of the lockers next to the front desk.

Taking pictures for private use is only allowed in the exhibition areas. The use of flash light, selfie sticks or tripods is prohibited. If the size of your camera endangers the objects of the museum or disrupts the visit of other visitors, we might ask you to put the camera away.

Wheelchair friendly
The museum has a restaurant and is completely accesible for wheelchairs. A wheelchair can be borrowed for your visit.

Do not touch
Touching the collection of the Dutch Silver Museum is not allowed.

You are allowed to draw in the exhibition area on a few conditions. You are only allowed to draw with lead pencil, not markers or paint for example. Your sketch book may not be bigger than 22 x 28 cm. The use of an ezel in the museum is prohibited. Do not use the showcases, exhibition tables or walls as a substitute for a drawing table.

Groups and school classes (min 15 persons) without a guide are welcome to visit the museum. We appreciate it if you could let us know about your visit two weeks before the actual visit. You can contact us by mailing to reservering@zilvermuseum.nl. Visiting with a group and a guide is not allowed. We offer educational programs for school visits. You can find more information about this on the website.

Guides, not part of the Dutch Silver Museum, are not allowed to offer tours through the museum. You can reserve your tour via reservering@zilvermuseum.nl.

Other visitors would appreciate you turning off your phone when visiting the exhibitions.

Food and drinks
Bringing food and/or drinks into the museum is prohibited. Food and drinks can be bought in the restaurant downstairs, the Silver Lounge. The bought food and drinks can not be brought into the exhibition areas.

Smoking prohibited
Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is prohibited everywhere in the museum.

Pets and animals
Bringing a pet or animal inside the museum is not allowed. We make an exception for service dogs of course.

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