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Friends of the museum

The Dutch Silver Museum about its Friends

“We owe a lot of thanks to our Friends of the Museum. They are the best ambassadors we could hope for and because of their donations we can expand our collection. We have received beautiful objects that shine in the museum as we speak. These Friends are extremely valuable to the museum. We hope that many people consider becoming Friends after visiting the Dutch Silver Museum.

Our Friends

Become a Friend

A group of silver enthusiasts formed the first group of Friends in 1994.

As a Friend of the museum, you are part of a group of silver enthusiasts that wish to contribute to the Dutch Silver Museum. You can be a Friend for as little as €20 euros per year. Or €35 for you and your partner combined.

Of course, it is possible to donate more if you wish. The Friends have cultural ANBI-status. Your gift is therefor tax deductable. To profit optimally, you can give periodically. For more information, you can send an email to: vrienden@zilvermuseum.nl

Become a friend

Also as a gift

How about giving someone the title Friend of the Dutch Silver Museum?

Become a Friend

What are the benefits for you as a Friend?

  • Entrance to the museum is free;
  • You receive 10% discount on items bought in the shop;
  • You are invited to special openings and occasions;
  • You are invited to activities for Friends exclusively;
  • With your annual contribution, you contribute to the purchase of a special object;
  • You receive new information or updates as one of the first people;

Interesting lectures and memorable visits

We organize different activities for Friends exclusively. After the opening of a new exhibition, you are one of the first to go on a guided tour. There are two new exhibitions per year. When there are enough people interested, we organize trips to other collections or exhibitions. There are lectures from experts about some of the most extraordinary objects. Why, how and for whom are they made? The museum also offers special tours to the depot for the Friends.


Anniversary meeting

The group of Friends was first organized 25 years ago in 2019. That is reason to celebrate. We celebrated the birthday on September 7th. The director of the supervisory board, Ubbo Scholten van Aschat, gifted €1500 euros for the restauration of a silver object. The silver was affected, but can now be restored in its former glory. The gift was received by Charlotte Huygens, director of the supervisory board. Ubbo also announced that the celebration is not over yet… Read the report.

– Lecture by the curator of the Dutch Silver Museum and René
Kappers (historian Schoonhoven)

– Visit to the Royal Archives and Palace Noordeinde

– Activities because of the lustrum of the foundation
Friends of the Dutch Silver Museum

– Lecture by Annelies Krekel about Hooijkaas and scavengerhunt Designed by Nature

– Take a look behind the scenes of the depot

– Lecture by Jan van Nouhuys about his quest: ‘how can silver be reimagined?’

Supervisory board and legal documents

The supervisory board

Supervisory board Friends of the Dutch Silver Museum

  • Ubbo Scholten van Aschat, director of the supervisory board    
  • Connie Polkerman, secretary
  • Ko Sinke, treasurer and administration
  • Pieter Vermeulen, member   
  • Helmi Hooijkaas, member                    

The foundation is officially called Stichting Vriendenkring Nederlands Zilvermuseum and is housed on the following adress:                  

Kazerneplein 4, 2871 CZ Schoonhoven
KvK: 411741144

ANBI status

The foundation Dutch Silver Museum is an institution with cultural ANBI-status, as appointed by the Dutch Tax Administration. This means your gift to the museum is tax deductable. For more information, please visit the website of the Dutch Tax Administration: www.belastingdienst.nl.


Thanks to our Friends


  • The bowl ‘Shake it baby’, created by Maja Houtman;
  • The ‘Set of Pretenders’, designed by Eelco Veenman;
  • ‘Een kilo kunst, een kilo zilver’, designed by Titiaan de Geer;
  • ‘Opengezaagd servies Van Kempen & Begeer’, designed by Jorinda Bruggeman-van Loon
  • Contribution for purchasing objects from the Collection Krekel.
  • Contribution to the restauration of a special object.

Other necessities;

  • Screens and a projectioner;
  • The remodeling of our website
The video award

Merel van der Klugt was awarded with the video award.
The video award was awarded on 19 February 2022

For the masterpiece of the students of Zadkine

Students that learn to become a gold smith or silver smith finish their education by creating a masterpiece. These masterpieces are often presented in the museum.
The Friends organize an annual competition. Who makes the most appealing “making of”-video to go with their masterpiece? The goal of this competition, the terms and conditions and other formalities can be read in a legal document. The winner receives €500 euros to spend on gems for their future creations. The award could not be awarded without the hulp from our Friends and BirGem.

Because of the pandemic, this year we only received 4 videos. Merel van der Klugt won the award. Wendy van Buren, Guido van Hassel (Zadkine), Bir Muste (BirGem) and Charlotte Jooren (Friend and director) judged the videos. The judges were unanimous. Merel had done a great job. How she made her masterpiece was visualized perfectly. It is clear what tecnhiques were used and which tools she needed.

Another reason to give Merel the award was because of the way she also showed herself at work. The video has just the right amount of background noise and music.

Video Merel van der Klugt

Name: Vriendenkring Ned.Goud-Zilver en Klokkenmuseum
Adress: Kazerneplein 4
Postal code: 2871 CZ
City: Schoonhoven
Incassant ID: NL51ZZZ411741140000
Reason of payment: Annual contribution Friends

By sending this form, you give permission to the Dutch Silver Museum to receive the amount as mentioned above periodically.

If you do not agree with a payment, you can take it back. Contact your bank within 8 weeks after the money was transferred.

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