And now its your turn!

What does it feel like, to be a silversmith? Is it hard, making shapes and forms out of metal? In the Silverlab, visitors can experience how "silver" comes to life in the hands of an artisan. First, we grab some silver from the automat and read the instructions. For example, we may decide to make a pendant, a ring, or a key ring. The supply changes quarterly and new packages are available, ongoing. Moreover, with each exhibition there’s a special item you can make yourself. The Silverlab is for everyone and all ages. The lab opens during the museum’s regular opening hours and is freely accessible with your admission ticket. Packages of material can be purchased at the automat at € 2.50 a piece.

Especially for children: Silversmith for a day

Age group 4 – 12 years

Step in the shoes of a silversmith. You will meet the artists in person. You enter the World of Silver. You will hear and see all the things silver is used for. Hack the vault code and admire the dazzling, magnificent collection of silver. Learn how we live and eat, since 1600 and up to the present, seated at our 14-metre long dining table. Test your skills in the SilverLab. Make a ring, a pendant, or a key ring. When finished with all, you are qualified to wear the title ‘Smith of the Zilvermuseum’. Go back to the silversmiths and ask for your diploma. Make a photo and post it on the Facebook page of the Zilvermuseum.

During regular opening times.

€ 3 including SilverLab activity.

Exclusief entree.

Excludes admission fee.
*supplies change quarterly

Nederlands Zilvermuseum Schoonhoven