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To be seen from 2nd of  June 2020 - 31st of January 2021

A subject that appeals to the imagination and at the same time raises question marks. Because what exactly is a boudoir? And was it really spicy or secretly? For only the rich or also the poor? Outwardly or inwardly? The experience around the boudoir is one of the many controversies that have arisen in the course of history. A contradiction that plays more than ever before in today's society. Because everything is changing, but so much is exactly the same.

Influencer avant la lettre
One of the best known users of a boudoir was Madame de Pompadour (1721-1764), ultimately one of the most powerful and influential women France has known. Not only because of her lover Louis XV but mainly because of her appearance, her wardrobe and make-up. In this way she made her face as white and beautiful as possible with which she inspired other women to use their "aristocratic
also show identity: who was burnt brown by the sun was a farm worker! Madame de Pompadour was the "Kardashian" and influencer of her time.

In the photo: Madame de Pompadour (1721-1764), countless followers

From dressing table to ..?
The meaning and use of a boudoir has changed considerably over the years and at the same time it has not. Originally the boudoir is a specific space for the elite to take care of the appearance or to withdraw yourself because of a greater urge for privacy. The women also corresponded and embroidered there. Closely connected to the boudoir is the world around the dressing table. In English it is also called a vanity, which is at the same time the English word for vanity.

The literal translation of boudoir is "pout room", the French verb bouder means "pout". Although the wave of emancipation has meant a lot to women, it has not been possible that we will again be massively photographed with pout and spout lips in 2020.

Beauty 2.0
In the exhibition we connect Madame de Pompadour with today's beauty vloggers: what has changed? And what not? Is there actually a difference in looking at yourself through a mirror or on a screen (pje)? On the one hand, we feel the need for privacy and there is even a new form of prudishness among young people. On the other hand, we see a social urge to display the new (self-selected) appearance on social media. Plastic fantastic is the new beauty for many followers. And so the new influencers emerge from the followers, so who follows whom? And is it really so much different than before?

Boudoir can be seen until January 31, 2021 in the Dutch Silver Museum in Schoonhoven. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Museum year card holders for free. Regular admission price € 9.50. Children up to 17 years old: free. Because of the Corona measures, you can book your ticket in advance: Tickets

Photography: Lisa Wals, model: Kasia Dolkowska, 58,700 followers
Image Madame de Pompadour (by François Boucher, 1750) via Harvard Arts Museums / Fogg Museum, Bequest or Charles E. Dunlap.


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