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Nederlands Zilvermuseum Schoonhoven

A visit to the Nederlands Zilvermuseum in Schoonhoven is a fun, interactive, and educational outing for young and old. The visitor can see, feel, smell, and hear silver, while discovering many other facets of this most versatile precious metal in the World of Silver.
The unique collection is innovatively presented under imaginative themes such as ‘life & death’, ‘braggers’ and ‘eternal fame’. One of the highlights is the world’s longest silver do-table: an interactive table with an abundance of silver stories and silver tasks.
In the Silver Workshop our artists reveal their secrets, and visitors are invited to apply their own creativity in the Silver Workshop.
Culturele ANBI

Stichting Nederlands Zilvermuseum Schoonhoven is a Cultural ANBI (Public Benefit Organisation).

Contact details

Museum board:
Charlotte Huygens, chair
Jan Westendorp, secretary
Rob Lelieveld, treasurer
Jolanda Bouman
Renate Cevaal
Sjoerd Eisma, advisor

Marcel Teheux, principal
Arjenne Bouwknegt, conservator
Ingeborg Dijkman, marketing coordinator
Monique van Arkel, office/facility manager
Lisette van der Eijk, front manager



Report of activities and financial accounting:

>> : Annual report of Nederlands Zilvermuseum 2016

>>Policy memorandum Zilvermuseum 2017-2022

Reward policy:

The Stichting has a vocational reward policy and broadly follows the central labour agreement for the care/ wellness sector. As per its statutes, the museum’s board members do not receive a reward.


The museum’s objective, as formulated in the statutes of the Stichting Nederlands Zilvermuseum Schoonhoven, article 3 (Amendment to articles, 23 March 2013):
The objective of the Stichting pertains to the acquisition, preservation, researching, and presentation of objects of gold and silver, as well as to all matters associated with the above, in the broadest sense of the word, such as tools, drawings, designs, documentation and industry related affairs; more generally; the museum aspires to promote public interest and stimulate the production of new products manufactured from precious metals.
The Zilvermuseum has elected to take upon itself yet another, new role: to protect and promote the evolution of the silversmith’s profession, and to emphasize the role in society of this time-honoured trade.

Recognised training institute:

On 15 July 2016 the museum attained the status of recognised apprenticeships provider.The renovation of the Nederlands Zilvermuseum in 2014 was enabled with support from:
Antal-Begeer Fund, Van der Bilt-Ptasnik Fund, VSB Fund, Municipality of Schoonhoven, Prince Bernhard Culture Fund (Margarethe Petronella Fund, Van der Vossen-Delbrück Fund, Van Meeuwen Kan Fund and Buziau Geesink Fund), Prince Bernhard Culture fund for the province of Zuid-Holland, Bouwfonds Culture fund, Fund for Cultural participation, K.F. Hein Fund, Mr. August Fentener van Vlissingen Fund, Rabobank UW Cooperation Fund, German Teutonic Order of “Balije van Utrecht”, Stichting DOEN, Stichting Zabawas.
also: Van Baaren Building Contractors, Bijou Moderne, Goed Punt|marketing & communication, Van de Griend & Van Aken, Herens & Herens, Hieselaar, Littel Interior Constructions, Netherlands Jewellery and Hour Glass sector, Royal Delft Group, Schöne Precious Metals, The Unschooled Mind Company.

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Nederlands Zilvermuseum Schoonhoven