SSA 2018 (Schoonhoven Silver Award 2018)

Schoonhoven Silver Award 2018

Project plan
The Schoonhoven Silver Award is an initiative of the ‘Stichting Zilverkunst’ (Silver Art Foundation). Since its inception in 2001 the Award has had six winners: Oliver Schmidt, Germany (2002), Monika Gimborn-Jochum, Germany (2004), Jan Matthesius, The Netherlands (2006) and Hiroshi Suzuki, UK / Japan (2009), Stratos Kantzelis/ Greece (2012), Yuki Ferndinadsen Japan/ Denmark (2015). In 2010 the organisation of the award was transferred to the Nederlands Zilvermuseum in Schoonhoven and the competition has since taken place under the museum’s auspices. The Award’s most recent editions have been dedicated to promoting contemporary ‘great, silver art’ to a broader, art-minded audience, with the emphasis on innovative silver concepts.
Winner last edition : Silence by Yuki Ferdinandsen

Winner last edition : Silence by Yuki Ferdinandsen

Aim and objective
The Schoonhoven Silver Award 2018 continues to be devoted to the goal of reaching a wider audience and inspiring artists to test and explore the boundaries of their traditional art and craft. More particularly, the Nederlands Zilvermuseum Schoonhoven seeks to invite submissions that bear a direct relationship with the spearheads of the museum’s policy, i.e. stimulating the exploration of new technologies and uses, and innovative art forms. Innovation, as envisioned in the Award’s present edition, would centre on the rejuvenation of older, time-honoured techniques, and on the preservation of an immaterial heritage by injecting dynamic new life.

The above could be pursued by:
Presenting today’s silversmiths with new artistic and technical challenges;
Fostering partnerships with silversmiths and other design disciplines, to inspire a new vision and perspective on the traditional techniques applied in silver art and craft;
Stimulating a knowledge search of silversmithing skills and competencies of bygone eras.

Selection and nomination
The selection procedure for participation in the Schoonhoven Silver Award 2018 reflects the museum’s low-threshold policy, while the criteria for submissions express the museum’s forward looking philosophy and ambitions. Also, the preconditions were set in a manner that reduces the investment participants would need to commit.
Participants are asked, before 31 July 2018, to forward a photograph and short description (background info) of the object they wish to submit, in the English language.
Submissions can be sent to
Objects dating January 2015 and later are considered eligible for submission. It is not necessary for the object to have been created exclusively for the Schoonhoven Silver Award.
On the basis of the photography and texts received, an international jury will select the nominations.
Only when an object has been nominated will the maker be asked to forward the object.
The maker does not need to be in possession of the object, however, the object must be available for jury assessment as well as for the entire duration of the exhibition.
All nominations are considered for an award and are displayed in the exhibition.

Participation criteria
Submissions are expected to meet the following criteria:
Use of a classic technique, innovative in application and concept, is an important criterion. Classic techniques may include:
enamelling, in all forms;
metal patina work;
Materials other than silver are permitted, however, a sufficient amount of silver must be present for the object to convince as a work of silver art;
Partnerships with other disciplines, aimed at innovative practices or approaches to traditional techniques are emphatically encouraged;
Designer / constructor partnerships are allowed;
Unique objects and prototypes for machine production are equally considered;
Jewellery is excluded from competition.

The jury consists of Jeroen Martens (director of Diva Antwerp), Jan Matthesius (silversmith and former award winner) and Angela Cork (Chair of Contemporary British Silversmiths). The jury will convene twice; first, to select nominations based on received imagery and text, and secondly, to judge the nominated objects and appoint the winning submissions.

All nominated works are to be shown to the public in a 3-month exhibition at the Nederlands Zilvermuseum Schoonhoven. In the ensuing period, from May-November 2019, the exhibition will tour several cities in Belgium and Germany, after which the objects are returned to their senders.

We are pleased to announce that the Schoonhoven Silver Award 2018 contains three other prizes besides the main prize, including one for Young Professionals which are awarded at the jury’s sole discretion. The prizes made available by courtesy of the municipality of Krimpenerwaard, Herens & Herens, Zadkine and Vakschool Schoonhoven. With the Young Professional Award (up to age 29 incl.) the museum hopes to enthuse new graduates and students and invites to participate.
• 1st prize Schoonhoven Silver Award: € 5000, - donated by the Municipality of Krimpenerwaard
• Herens honorable mention: 1 kilo of silver donated by Herens & Herens
• Zadkine Vakschool Schoonhoven Young Professional Award
• Herens Emerging Young Professional Award: 1 kilo of silver donated by Herens & Herens
In the course of the exhibition at the Nederlands Zilvermuseum Schoonhoven, a special prize is awarded for the public’s favourite object.
As with previous editions of the Schoonhoven Silver Award, a catalogue of nominated objects is published in three languages (D-G-E) with a view to exhibition’s tour of Belgium and Germany.

To enhance the impact of the award and to encourage innovative, invigorating art that lends new life to traditional silversmithing, Schoonhoven Silver Award 2018 invites submissions among the following, international target groups:
professional silversmiths;
previous Schoonhoven Silver Award participants;
related crafts and arts.

Notably to reach young professionals, the Award appeals to:
The Vakschool Schoonhoven;
Willem de Kooning Academy;
Design Academy Eindhoven;
ArtEZ Arnhem;
Similar training institutes in the Netherlands and abroad.