Experience silver yourself!


How does it feel to be a silversmith? Is it difficult to form something out of metal? In the workplace, visitors experience what it is like to work with silver. First, you get a package from the vending machine. You create your object by following the instructions. You can create a hanger, ring or key chain for example. Every couple of months, the packages in the vending machine change. And with every new exhibition, we create a themed object tot create. The Silver Workplace is opened during regular opening hours and after buying a ticket to the museum. In the school vacations, we often organize workshops.

It is possible that during one of these workshops, other visitors can not create something in the Silver Workplace.

The packages in the vending machine are €3,50.

zilverwerkplaats aan de slag
For children

Silversmith for one day

Become a silver smith. Visit one of the smiths at work in the Forgery. After that, you go to the World of Silver. Discover the code to open the vault and find more silver. After seeing the collection, you go to the Silver Workplace to create something yourself. Once you are finished, you can call yourself Junior Smith of the Dutch Silver Museum. Take a picture and post it on social media.

The educational project is complete when all three steps are completed. But, if necessary, a teacher can decide to limit the educational program to one lesson or shorter lessons for example. The content of the different lessons fits the learning objectives of primary education in the Netherlands.
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