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If you ever find yourself in Schoonhoven, the Silver City, you should definitely visit the Dutch Silver Museum.

Schoonhoven, the Silver City
Silver and Schoonhoven have been closely related to each other since the 14th century. The city became the centre of Dutch silverforging, silver industry and art.
Whenever you stroll the city centre, you will come across many galeries, workshops and jewelers. And the only vocational school for smiths-to-be is in Schoonhoven.

1. Buitenplaats Berbice, ingang Leidseweg

There is so much to experience!

Fortified city
Schoonhoven is located next to the river the Lek and was once part of the Dutch Waterline. There are many historical remains in Schoonhoven. For example, the gates, the girths and the remains of an old fortified tower from Medieval times.

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The Silver Lounge
Have a cup of coffee with a piece of cake from Schoonhoven or have some lunch in the Silver Lounge.

We have our own collection. During the year, you can also visit some of our temporary exhibitions. Take a look on this page for more information about the collection and the exhibitions.

For drivers
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