What to do in and around Schoonhoven

There is so much to do and discover in and around Schoonhoven besides the Dutch Silver Museum. We will provide you with extra tips.

From renting a SUP board to walking along the Dutch Waterline. A walk through Schoonhoven or enjoy the area from the water. There is plenty to do.

Schoonhoven originates from the 13th century alongside the river the Zevender. The street Lange Weistraat still marks where this river ran.
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Luchtfoto Schoonhoven

Adventural farm Molenwaard

Experience life on a Dutch farm with Fien and Teun. Enjoy a unique day at adventural farm Molenwaard. Discover the activities and facilities on the park.

For more information and tickets:

Avonturenboerderij Molenwaard

Natural Museum the Wielewaal

The natural museum shows the diverse nature that can be found in this region. Almost all animals and birds that are on display in the museum have died because of traffic. Because of how much busier traffic has become in the past years, more and more nature disappears. Lou brings the animals back to their natural habitat with beautiful wall paintings. It gives an image of how rich the nature around us is.

For more info, visit their website.

The old Apothecary

Experience the history, silver, cheese and the polder!

The Krimpenaarwaard has so much to offer and we like to share that. We create an experience with the local enterpreneurs.
We offer arrangements tailored to your specific wishes, but you can also rent venues for parties and workshops.

More information: The Old Apothecary.

Rent a SUP in the Krimpenerwaard

Restaurant Springer not only sells fine wines and other services, but also rents SUP boards in the Krimpenerwaard! You can rent a SUP board with us and discover the Krimpenerwaard from the water. Right in front of the Springer you can enter the water and paddle to the Vlist. Enjoy each other, the surroundings and being active. After the activity you can enjoy a nice lunch or dinner at Springer. We also offer SUP arrangements, like the SUP picknick or the SUP and Wine.

For more information, visit the website: Restaurant Springer.

Discover the Dutch Waterline

The Dutch Waterline saved the Netherlands in the war against France 350 years ago. By flooding large parts of the country, the enemy could not come closer. There are still many remnants of the waterline and you can take a look at them by visiting some of the fortified towns and fortresses.

Learn more on their website: Dutch Waterline.

Rent a E-Steppi

Rent an electric step from E-Steppi and drive around the region.

You can rent a step and discover the area around Schoonhoven for 19 euros. You will see many little rivers and farms that have been around for centuries. Visit small villages and discover the historical fortified towns. Or plan your own route! It is even possible to start at your location.

More information can be found on the website: E-Steppi

Rent a boat in the Krimpenerwaard

Welcome at Huursloep! Spend the day on the water in the Krimpenerwaard. Discover the river Lek in one of our boats, suitable for small groups and larger groups. Are you looking for an activity with colleagues, a bachelor party, a wedding or just to enjoy the sun from the water? Huursloep makes it possible.

We offer two kinds of boats. We have boatds that are suitable for six persons. You can steer this vessel yourself. There is no need for any kind of license. We also rent out the boat for groups of twenty people. We offer the possibility of hiring our professional skipper when you rent this boat.

Find out more on our website: Huursloep


Walk through the townadmire the beautiful buildings and find a spot to have a nice drink.

You will find close to 150 stores within the city store.

Every wednesday morning, from 8:00 AM, there is a market at the Doelenplein. There are 25 stalls and there is something for everyone.

Shopping in the evening
Do you want to go shopping after finishing work at the end of the day? That is possible! There is a number of stores open every Friday night until 9:00 PM. After shopping you can start the weekend with something nice to drink in one of the restaurant or cafes.

Shop on Sunday
Every last Sunday of the month, about 30 stores in the city centre of Schoonhoven are opened between 1:00 PM en 5:00 PM. Besides restaurants, cafes and terraces. Supermarkets are opened every Sunday between 1:00 PM en 5:00 PM.

For more information about the local stores, visit InSchoonhoven.

Stay in Schoonhoven

Schoonhoven and the area surrounding Schoonhoven has so much to offer. It is impossible to see it all in just one day. Rent a room in Schoonhoven at hotel Belvédère, in one of the Bed & Breakfasts or at the camping (only in summer). They are all beautiful places to spend the night!

Find out more: locations.

Welkom to Gouda

After about 15 minutes of driving or 60 minutes of cycling, you will find Gouda.

Gouda is world famous for its cheese, siroop wafels and ceramics. The historiscal city centre has many things to see: authentic little shops, small streets dating from medieval times, the canals and more. It is perfect to combine with a visit to Schoonhoven.

For more information: Gouda.

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Welcome to Oudewater

Oudewater is the place to be. To discover the magic of Oudewater, visit the museums about rope, witches and the town itself. Take a look at the monuments, walk along the canals and visit the various shops. There is so much to see and do.

The area around Oudewater is also worth a visit.

Learn more about Oudewater on the website.

Welcome to Nieuwpoort

Nieuwpoort is the smallest fortified town in the Netherlands. It is located in the province Zuid-Holland, along the river Lek and across Schoonhoven.

The town hall is a perfect starting point to discover Nieuwpoort. You will also find the city museum inside the town hall. There are different exhibitions every year. You can take a look at a model of Nieuwpoort and explore different kind of objects from throughout history.

Visit the website for more information: Nieuwpoort

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