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Vocational school

Final works 2020/2021

Every year, the Dutch Silver Museum exhibits the works of the graduating students of the vocational school of Schoonhoven. This way, we offer young talented smiths a place to show off their work and skills.

Because of the pandemic, the final works of the students from 2020 and 2021 have been merged into one exhibition. You can also take a look at some of the miniatures of the third-year students.

The students can win an award by making a video to show the behind-the-scenes process of the creation of the final work. The first award for the miniatures is a cylinder, a tool. The winners were announced on 19 February 2022.

Final work, also called masterpiece, of Brigitte van Galen. Photography: Rob Glastra

An old tradition renewed
Up until the eigteenth century, the education of future smiths was organized by the gild. As a child, you would become a student with a master to learn the trade. When you mastered the trade well enough, you were challenged to create something to show off your skill: a masterpiece. This tradition was renewed in 2004.

The students of the vocational school now finish their education by creating their own masterpiece. The works that are exhibited are from the past year.

Sponsors of the Masterpieces are:
JUWON, Rob Glastra Fotografie Schoonhoven, Bijou Moderne, BirGem, Fa. G.J. van den Bergh Zilverwerken, Herens & Herens, Artis Causa & Vakschool Schoonhoven.

Harma Hids
Puck de Kock
Arthur Vos
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