Thalen & Thalen
13 October 2022 until 5 June 2023


From October 13, 2022 till June 5, 2023 you can visit the exhibition Brut! by father and son Thalen in the Dutch Silver Museum in Schoonhoven, the Netherlands. Like the famous champagne Brut, the objects represent fineness, sparkles and are a bit rough on the edges at the same time. The contemporary silver sculptures made of the purest metal invite you to taste, hear and touch. Still, a lot of hammer blows are needed to bring this relatively precious metal into the shape of cutlery, plates, candelabras and art objects. Brut! surprises and inspires the visitor with old, new and
experimental work.

Photo: Christopher Roxs
Photo: Christopher Roxs
Father and son

Stretching the limits in silversmithing

Rob and Jaap Thalen have been working in pure silver for over 20 years now. Before his career in silver began, Rob was a seasoned bronze caster. Jaap has a background in architecture. The originally Dutch silversmiths explore the technical limits of the material in their studio in Belgium. The twinkling 1.5 meter high Frozen Morning Light is a good example of their magnificent work. Sometimes they explore the possibilities of other materials or develop their concepts even further. A good example of that is the M-light, which started as an innovative sculpture called the ‘Mandarin ball’ and developed into a modern lampshade brought to life in corten steel and aluminum. It soon became a collectors item at the Art Fair in Milan.

Thalen & Thalen

Bringing concepts to life

Rob and Jaap are strong in devising and bringing creative concepts to life. Rob talks enthusiastically about the silver table he once designed. The painting ‘Dejeuner sur l’herbe’ by Manet inspired me to design a table that you can take with you and includes a complete set of silver tableware’. The table is a place where you can experience moments together and which, like Manet’s painting, inspires others. For example, a chef in America fell under the spell of the table and devised dishes that complements the silver in taste and texture. Jaap still remembers the commission for a gold vase. ‘It is very special to get the opportunity to work with gold on a larger scale. You then notice that gold is even more elastic and stretchable than silver.’

Dejeuner sur l’herbe from Thalen & Thalen

Rob and Jaap: 'With this exhibition we hope that the visitor gets a taste of the joy and passion we had while creating our work. Be inspired and experience the power of pure silver!'

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