Going to the museum during your vacation

Vacation and public holidays

There is so much to learn and discover in the school vacations. You can create something beautiful in the Silver Workplace. We also offer workshops.

Scavenger hunt
Are you more into mystery? Unravel the secret of the smith by solving this scavenger hunt. After solving the scavenger hunt, you get to work in the Silver Workplace.

Aan de slag
A Have you always been wondering what it feels like to work with silver? Besides our usual activities, we also offer fun activities in the school vacations. Create something for King’s Day or make a treasure chest for example.

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For children

Are you ready to become a junior silver smith?

Learn how to be a silver smith. Pay a real silver smith a visit and explore the world of silver afterwards. Here you will discover what silver is used for. Crack the code and open the safe to admire the collection. Create something yourself in the Silver Workplace. You can decide what you want to make: a ring or key chain for example. When you are finished, you can officially call yourself a junior silver smith! Take a photo and post it on our social media.

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